Sunkissed Strawberrry Blonde Prince

June 19, 2008

Same kind of argument as “I’m not fat, I’m big boned”.  Course you are, it’s all that cake, crisps, chocolate and laziness that makes your bones big.  The Ginger Prince is one of those rare breeds of ginger in that he doesn’t need to go on a sunbed to go from blue to white, nor does he get sunburnt when he looks at a picture of a beach.   Fair play to him I say, carry on good chap.  Representing for gingers everywhere, you could almost say he’s a gentleman and a scholar, but you’d be wrong.  He’s a prize eejit, in the nicest possible sense of the word of course.  His Savoir Faire part should give him the freedom of the town of Bridport, anything less would be a travesty.

Rolling deep with Sidewalk…


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