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October 8, 2008

First of all, congratulations go to Chris on winning the UK championships last month, a handful of places ahead of fellow SF alumnus Dave Snaddon who rocked in at a heavily respectable 5th place. Hot off the presses with that one folks…

Street qualifiers 1
Street qualifiers 2
Street semis
Street final
Vert final
Street best trick

check it

Sometimes we just suck when it comes to telling everybody about what’s going on in the wild and wonderful world of those associated with Savoir Faire.  If the truth be told, we’ve gone our seperate ways for a short while to regroup and recouperate while we work out who, what and where will feature in the next installment.

Anyway, if for whatever reason, you need more arm-twisting to fork out a fiver on SF, check the review from Kingpin.  Now Kingpin say it as they see it.  No sugar coated, obsequious, sycophantic “everything is perfect  because the advertisers say it is” pile of steaming crap, but honest, sometimes harsh, bullshit free thoughts.  So with that in mind, and that they only ever review 2 or 3 videos a month, I for one was stoked that we even made it in there in the first place.   And they liked it too…

Aaaaaaaaages ago, like in August or something, the permanently excellent Tweakerzine published interviews with the 3 of us about our involvement and the making of Savoir Faire.  Good laugh it was too, so now you too should go check out our spiritual teachings & tales of glory.

In more contest musings, a couple of weeks ago, Bristol saw the Jibvid contest.  40 hours to skate, shoot & edit a sub-90 second piece with a decent prize purse up for grabs.   Dave and Nicky got me involved at pretty much the last minute, we got out on our bikes on what was probably the last warm day of 2008 and cycled around the inner city, finding a host of untouched spots and some old favourites, laying down some NBDs and having a damn fine day out to boot.    Only took us 8 hours to shoot all that crap too.


We got third, which I think was fair given that the winners put serious time, storyboarding, sound design and filming technique into their short film, where we “just” made a skate flick.   Either way, have peep at the Savoir Faire entry and feast your eyes and ears on what we did in an afternoon – should give you a taster of what to expect if you’ve still not got the DVD yet – sort it out!



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