Bristol premiere…

June 18, 2008

Bristol venue now sorted. Major thanks go to Wes at Out of Step for making the initial enquiries…

Tuesday June 24th at 8pm,
Jesters Comedy Club
138 Cheltenham Road

All ages welcome, one showing, over 18’s ID for beer (obviously).

Big screen, sound system, bar, yaddayadda all costing me for venue hire, hence the £3 cover charge. There’ll be support edits on the night from local noteworthy video goons with the skills to pay the bills…


Hello Sandman…

June 18, 2008

Gotta love shots like that when the camera goes right some skater’s arse, lovely.  Big Things are quietly happening for John at the moment, you’ll find out all over the place after savoir faire drops.   When you’re done with JT’s quick teaser, you know you’ll want to check out more of John on the monthly installments of Hold Tight London and their grime-tastic montages.

Tackyworld keepin’ it Quicktime.

In other developments, I bought one of these moneypits from Rogie last week.

Don’t get too excited just yet – I don’t have a light meter and there’s no 16mm footage in the video either.  I have no idea where i’ll be blagging cheap film and telecine – I’m sure it’ll make a sexy ornament though…



June 17, 2008

No longer known as Rogie, it’s now Stephen Roe for all you fanboys out there, but then, you’d already know that by no.   Stephen Mo’fo Roe, you understand?  Rogie’s Stephen’s managed to slaughter himself repeatedly while shooting for savoir faire, smashing shite out of his wrist, ankles and other pointy joints needed for success.  Still, he’s got rad disco shapes on that backside tailslide there, the sign of a real man.

clicky clicky…

Tackyworld holding it down quicktime, yo.


Belle of the ball

June 17, 2008

That’s Dave.  He’s really good at this skateboard lark, in fact so damn that him and his good buddy Nicky Howells have a banging part in savoir faire – it’s Dave’s first major full part n’ all, so give a big hand for the debutante.   Aaaaand, Dave got 3rd place at the NASS contest yesterday, what a champ!  Go team, yeah!  Or at least it would’ve been yesterday had I not forgotten to publish this entry.   Give a shit?  No?  Don’t blame you….   Here’s the epic trailer courtesy of Sidewalk and then check Tackyworld, representing with the bigsexyQuicktime for your download pleasure…


Ministry of Truth

June 14, 2008

Teaser number 2 is published for your viewing pleasure.

Heavy pimpage all this week and next from Sidewalk mag with a tidy high res quicktime on Tackyworld… beelee’ dat, beelee’ dat.


And so it begins…

June 13, 2008

Savoir Faire premieres next week!

London – Friday June 20th 8pm
Red Bull
The Courtyard
12 Sutton Row,

Manchester – Saturday June 21st 8pm
Central Skatepark
28, Mason St
M4 5EY
Tel: 0161 834 7974

Bristol -TBC

Click here for flyer… Believe the hype!

Below is the first of seven trailers to be released this week before the premiere – Sidewalk magazine are on it and know what the score is.

Check out the pristine high-res quicktime at Tackyworld and more spreading of the good news at Caught in the Crossfire…

Also available on Youtube.


Chris’s modelling career was unfortunately cut short by his face.

January 19, 2008

One of 3 parts that year from the man himself, this is the original version of Chris’s Puzzle profile from spring 2005 when he was still with Alai.  Put together in a 3 month stint in Melbourne by Kev, which is not bad by anybody’s standards, particularly for a complete eejit like Chris…

Chris’s modelling career was unfortunately cut short by his face.