What is the Savoir Faire?

[sav-wahr-fair; Fr. sa-vwar-fer] — noun – Knowledge of just what to do in any situation; tact.

[Origin: 1805–15; < F: lit., knowing how to do] — Synonyms – adaptability, adroitness, discernment, skill, ability.


It’s been some time now since we last saw an independent production spanning the length of the UK with a distinct crew of idiots in front of and behind the lens and it’s been both missed and needed. That’s why we got together to put something out there to show skating as we know it and love it.

With skaters like Div Adams, Chris Oliver, Stephen Roe, Dave Snaddon and John Tanner on hand and down for the cause, we’ve put together a diverse crew who best represents the definition of Savoir Faire from our little black book of skaters who skaters want to watch.   Or something.

Toby Bachelor
Alex Irvine
Paul Sylvester
Ciaran O Connor
Kevin Parrott



  1. hey..This dvd sounds really gd cant wait to it comes out.

    When are you’s due to realse this dvd?

  2. late june, early july…

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